About Viridian Select

Viridian Select is a national licence group for quality financial advice businesses that seek a strong, stable licensee to support their business and clients.

There are a range of factors that make us different from most other licencees in the Australian market:

  • We are backed and supported by an advice led business in Viridian Financial Group Limited (Viridian).

  • This is delivered through total integration with the broader Viridian business.

  • Viridian Select has direct access to Viridian’s investment specialists, research and Approved Product List development.

  • We have a long-term, demonstrated commitment to leverage process and technology as an advice enabler.

  • You are part of the Viridian family and participate in state-based forums and conferences.

  • At Viridian Select advisors are involved in a range of forums and have avenues to express their views and ideas, collaborate and share best practice.

  • You can benefit from our experience to prepare and grow your business.

  • Our experienced team understands your operating environment.

  • Our selective screening ensures all firms meet our high standards so that your reputation is protected.

The history of Viridian Select

Viridian Select was established in 2019 as a result of Viridian’s acquisition of parts of the BT Financial Advice and Group Licencees. Viridian Select is an extension of Viridian’s highly successful advice process, investment capability and technology offer. We are an institutional grade licensee offer free of institutional ownership.

About Viridian Financial Group Limited

Viridian Select (ABN 41 621 447 345, AFSL 515 762) is 100% owned by Viridian Financial Group Limited (Viridian). Viridian Select holds an Australian Financial Services Licence for the provision of a variety of financial advisory and dealing services to retail and wholesale clients.

Viridian is an Australian Public Company whose constitution determines you must be a ‘connected member’ of the Viridian group to own shares. Viridian is owned entirely by staff and select clients of the Viridian business.

Viridian has built a proven model for operating an advice-centric business. The firm has grown from 20 employees in 2015 to almost 300 people.