Joining Viridian Select

When deciding on the right licensee, you need a group that really understands the challenges of operating an advice business.

Owning a financial planning firm is exceptionally challenging. Compliance obligations, the Royal Commission and a lack of industry direction have taken their toll on owners, staff and clients. We understand the challenges you are facing.

We understand you are business owners

You are responsible for your business, profitability, staff and strategic direction.

You are seeing dramatic increases to your cost to serve.

You want to grow your business.

We know you are committed to advice

You have exceptional client relationships.

The current advice landscape makes the advice process difficult and lengthy.

You are committed to education and maintaining professional standards.

We appreciate that change is taking its toll

Compliance and regulatory requirements are becoming more difficult to meet.

It’s challenging to continue to inspire staff in the current environment.

Uncertainty makes it more difficult to make business decisions.

All this change takes your focus away from your clients.

We know that you want a fresh start

You want an environment where your practice can achieve its potential.

You need support in the regulatory and educational process.

You want digital to play a strong part in the advice process.

We know that you value community

Being part of an inclusive and supportive environment is important to you.

You want to share and contribute freely with like-minded peers.

You want a licensee that understands and supports advice.

Reasons Viridian Select is different from other licence groups

Viridian Select is a different kind of licence group. There are a range of factors that make us different from most other licensees in the Australian market:

  • We are backed and supported by an advice led business in Viridian Financial Group Limited (Viridian).

  • This is delivered through total integration with the broader Viridian business.

  • Viridian Select has direct access to Viridian’s investment specialists, research and Approved Product List development.

  • We have a long-term, demonstrated commitment to leverage process and technology as an advice enabler.

  • You are part of the Viridian family and participate in state-based forums and conferences.

  • You have the opportunity to be involved in our Research Investment Committee, Compliance Committee, Technology Committee and Principals Forum.

  • You can benefit from our experience to prepare and grow your business.

  • Our experienced team understands your operating environment.

  • Our selective screening ensures all firms meet our high standards so that your reputation is protected.

The process for joining Viridian Select

There are three stages to joining Viridian Select.
Our team will work with you at every stage.

    • Complete an Expression of Interest by emailing us at
    • We will contact you to discuss this and give you an overview of our process
    • If we believe you are a good cultural fit, you will be invited to participate in a capability session with us
    • We will have a 90 minute question and answer session with your team that covers technology, advice and process
    • We will undertake a due diligence process on your practice and approved representatives
    • This will include an impact assessment to understand your practice priorities and culture

What does Viridian Select look for in the due diligence process?

The Viridian Select due diligence process is focused on seven primary areas:

Acceptance of the post Royal Commission environment. This includes seeing that your practice has recognised that the shift is permanent and community attitudes have changed

The leadership, energy and structure of your practice to thrive in the current financial services environment

Recognition of financial advice as a profession and your support of FASEA changes

A strong reputation and demonstrated commitment to change

Whether your business model is corporatised or open to corporatisation

Use of technology as an enabler to a compliant and safe advice process

Ensuring you have a compliance culture and adhere to key advice principles

Viridian Select operates a transparent and easy to understand fee model

The Viridian Select fee model is transparent and based on:

  • Practice Fees that cover the running of the licence
  • Authorised Representative Fees that cover specific costs related to running the business
  • Ancillary Fees that cover any extra services a business requires

Viridian Select offer a comprehensive set of services within its practice fee including:

  • Ongoing education through Kaplan
  • Advisor and practice supervision including access to compliance training and reviews
  • Technical support
  • Advice documentation
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Practice branded research
  • Investment research on managed funds and equities
  • Access to a professional Chief Investment Officer and their team
  • Company brokerage collection
  • Technology for approved representatives (XPLAN)
  • Professional development days and masterclasses

Firms that require additional support or resources can also access:

  • XPLAN modules for non-approved representative staff at cost
  • Separately Managed Account management and application
  • Managed Discretionary Account management and application (only if appropriate accreditation and Licensee approval is obtained)
  • Marketing support
For more detail on the Viridian Select fee model or process for joining, contact us today.